Winstrol is regarded as the finest cutting steroid

Winstrol is often called Winnie in the athletic world and in veterinary use, it is known as Winstrol-V. This steroid was developed in 1962 by Winthrop Laboratories as a prescription medication. It helps patients to maintain weight as well as helps in weight gain in spite of muscle wasting diseases. This compound does not aromatize, which makes this steroid fewer in side effects. Estrogenic side effects are not associated with this drug thereby making it safe for both male and female users. This medication is available in both the oral and injectable forms but injectable forms offer the same benefit like the oral ones.

In men, it plays a role in cutting phase by promoting fat loss. Simultaneously, the anabolic properties of this medication help to retain solid muscle gains which are perfect in a cutting cycle. It is common in performance enhancement and gives a lot of strength and stamina. The beginners get minimal results in bulking cycles but it is not the steroid choice for experienced users. This supplement is one of the few steroids that women can safely take. This is due to its low anabolic rating and no estrogenic properties. Females use it in their bulking phase and get modest results. Women use low doses of Winstrol get benefits like fat burn and retaining of lean muscle mass.

Stacking choices

Bodybuilders benefit from this steroidal stack as it is used in a cutting cycle. A stack may either consist of Dianabol or Anadrol, a bulking steroid or a testosterone supplement. Any other supplement can be added as long as there are no dosing overlaps. One can add this steroid at the end of a regular cycle for adding lean mass during a dieting phase prior to a competition. Stacking this compound with testosterone is the starting point in the stack. It causes the production of testosterone to close down like other steroids. However, you can stack it with Sustanon, a testosterone cocktail.

The other stacking steroids depend on athletic goals and strength and weakness of each steroid. Primobolan is similar to this steroid in terms of benefits to a performance enhancing athlete. Many professional players use Primobolan. This drug does not possess alkyl structure like other steroids, which allows it to continue as bioavailable. This makes this steroid less toxic and less androgenic. Stacking Primobolan helps to build lean muscle and regulates fat deposits and moreover prevents muscle wasting. When combined with this medication, it produces a lean physique in cutting cycle.

Dosages for women

The females who supplement with this steroid in cutting phase experience similar results like men. Women use this steroid cycle for weight loss. They get a lean, hard and defined physique that preserves lean tissue lost during dieting. Females use low doses of Winstrol to get benefits. Women take a dosage of 10mg every alternate day for 5-6 weeks. Women are sensitive to steroids so this medication is beneficial in bulking phase for them. If women can tolerate 10mg daily then they can put on lean tissue but in most cases, they need to use 10mg every alternate day. If virilization symptoms are located then it should be discontinued immediately.



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