Vote For Your Favorite Bigg Boss Contestant Online

Bigg Boss is the reality show which is popular in the recent days. Bigg Boss show is conducted in various languages. The first one to conduct was the Bigg Boss show in Hindi. Salman Khan stands as the host for the Hindi or the Bollywood Bigg Boss show. So many series have been done in the Bollywood side. Coming to the south Indian sector Bigg Boss got recently famous and popular. Many languages in the south Indian side have been conducting the Bigg Boss reality show. In the Tamil language Bigg Boss series is shown in Vijay TV. The host for this reality show in Tamil is Kamal Hassan. In regards to the Tamil Bigg Boss it is the second season for this popular TV reality show.

What happens in the show is that every week one contestant will get eliminated. This elimination will happen with the help of public’s opinion. First the housemates will nominate the contestants for elimination. Each individual will be given the option to nominate 2 persons. Finally the contestants who are nominated for the elimination are shown to the public. Then with the help of the public one contestant will be sent out from the Bigg Boss house.

Voting For The Show

With the help of public’s opinion means, the public is given the option to vote for the contestants. The viewers of the show can vote for their favorite contestants and then save them from the elimination round. The person who has got the least number of votes in the Bigg Boss house will be chosen as the candidate for elimination. So the voting for the Bigg Boss reality show which is the second season now happening has started their voting for the public. This bigg boss tamil vote can be done with the following given options. The first option is the online voting poll and the other option is through the help of missed call service. A particular email id is given a vote count of 10 for a day with which their favorite contestant can be chosen for voting and saved from elimination.

Finally the result of the elimination round that is the candidate who has got the least votes will be announced by the show’s host Kamal Hassan. This candidate will then be eliminated. After the votes have been received the final call is taken by the Star Vijay Management. This process is done every week. It is to be noted that during some weeks the elimination round will be skipped and no candidates will be sent out of the bigg boss house. To vote through the email service a person has to go to Google and then sign into his Google account. After that he can search in Google for the term bigg boss vote. Then he can go inside the link and then choose his favorite contestant to vote for. If not the person can go through the missed call service and dial the respective number for his favorite candidate.

Bigg Boss Contestants

This week among the contestants we can see that any member from Aishwarya’s team may be getting eliminated. There are chances that Mumtaz may face elimination. She was caring and nice towards everyone. But the contestants felt that this is a fake behavior. So there are oppositions towards her. Most of the audience and the contestants were supporting Riythvika and her opinion. When considering the vote results they also are telling the same story. This week the role for captain of the bigg boss house is been given to Yaashika Ananad. For this reason, this contestant cannot be chosen for elimination. Considering the previous weeks, the contestants who were eliminated so far includes Nithya, Ramya NSK, Sahriq, Mamathi chari, Vaishnavi, Ponnambalam, and Anand Vaithiyanathan.

The voting will happen every week from the days Monday to Friday. The decision is to be made by Vijay TV who will be collecting the online poll votes. The candidate who has the lowest percentage in consideration to the online poll votes will be sent out of bigg boss house. The host of the show will release the total count of the online poll for the bigg boss show. However the individual person’s vote count in the show will not be revealed. It is to be noted that the host of the show, Kamal Hassan will be appearing only on Saturday and Sunday and hence will not be present in all the episodes. Naturally the voting will be available throughout the weekdays and will not be available during the weekends. In the same manner some week’s elimination will not happen. The audience will have the option to vote for saving their preferred contestant. But they can only see the result when announced and cannot view the vote result.




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