Top Loading Washing Machine vs. Front Loading Washing machines

Washing machines or we better refer to them as wonder machines are revolutionary appliances that have completely turned around the way we look at laundry as a task. Washing machines have been in existence since times we can’t even recall and are still standing strong as our most suitable laundry companion. Washing machines were introduced in a much simpler model and have travelled a long journey to reach where there are now. This transformation of washing machines has left us two distinct modes of washing machines to choose from- Top Loading Washing Machine and Front Loading Washing machine.

Both of these modes are versatile and unique in their own way have their own pros and cons. We would like to unpack for you the major differences between the two after reading which all your doubts will be cleared and you will be in a better state of mind to decide which machine is the most suitable for your household.


Front loading washing machines are more on the costlier side as compared to the top loading washing machines. There are various reasons behind this pricing difference between the two, the major being the greater amount of efficiency provided by a front loading washing machine. Just because a top loading washing is cheaper than the front loading washing machine doesn’t mean that you should quickly jump to the conclusion of buying it. The price you pay at the time of purchase is not the only amount you are going to spend on the machine. There are a lot of hidden costs involved like the electricity and water bills incurred on using them both which needs to considered before locking your decision of which machine to buy.


Both the machines have a completely different structure and by the name of the machines it is quite evident that the top loading washing machine as the washing basket placed in a  vertical direction and a front loading washing machine has the washing basket placed in a horizontal direction. Both the machines due to this major variation in their structure wash clothes in a different way, the top loading washing machine has an agitator installed in the center of the machine that is responsible for swirling the clothes in alternate circular directions to create friction and remove dirt from the clothes. The front loading washing machine has paddles equipped on both the sides of the basket that are responsible to move the clothes and create friction.


The basket of the top loading machine is less spacious as compared to the basket of the front loading washing machine as it has an agitator place at the center of the basket which occupies nearly 20-25% of the space leaving less space for the clothes. However, the basket of a front load washing machine is empty having no agitator which provides a lot of space for the clothes to be stuffed in.

Water and Detergent Usage

This is one of the most startling differences between both the machines; front loading washing machines use only half the amount of water used in the top loading washing machine in one round which ultimately saves a lot of water and brings down your water bills. Remember the hidden costs we mentioned earlier, this is what we were talking about. Front loading washing machine requires some special detergents to be used unlike the top loading washing machines Price in India in which you can use any detergent.



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