Rebotec – The wholesale medical equipments seller

Medical wholesale is the supply of medical equipment in bulk (wholesale), to other medical facilities such as nursing homes, psychiatric healthcare centers, schools, government agencies, private organizations and healthcare centers. Medical wholesale products will include Pharmaceutical products, surgical equipment and also age care (The act of caring for the elderly, most of all the weak and less active ones) products.

Use of medical equipments:

These medical equipments, help patients achieve so many things that could not be done due to their medical complication. These activities include walking, changing of posture, using the restroom and so much more.


Rebotec a company that supplies such medical devices, and based on providing mobile solutions, is one of the leaders in medical wholesale as they work with the best of the German producers in this domain. Some of their wholesales equipment include walkers, commode chair (A chair with a seat shaped as you would find in a toilet with a container or pail beneath to help those who can’t make it too the restroom due to their complications) and crutches. They also have different types and sizes of these products, ranging from those that cover the young age group to those that cover the elderly age group.

Requirements for medical wholeselling:

To be a medical wholesaler, you must meet the needs of the law with respect to medical wholesale. However, below are some basics you need to meet:

  • The wholesale supplier must have product producers, own-brand distributors, private-brand distributors, distributor’s and producer’s warehouses, wholesale drug warehouses
  • Also, all products produced and distributed should not be harmful to the consumers or animal.
  • The wholesale supplier may only carry out wholesales of medical equipment in the producer’s original packaging.
  • During import of medical equipment, the wholesale supplier must possess the producer’s statement of collaboration with the important requirements.

Also from the business prospective medical wholesaling requires a vast knowledge of medical complications, the age groups susceptible to each medical complications ( to get the most comfortable and reliable medical solutions for their problem), Lowest possible price for an equipment while selling products with high-quality, just to name a few. Looking at the above requirements and laws, you’ll find that rebotec is in line with the rules, and also supplies high quality products at very low prices.

            Wholesaling of medical products has helped facilitate the delivery of medical equipment to patients as needed, at the lowest cost possible.



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