Homemade Bleaching Cream for Dark Spots on Bikini Line

A dark bikini line is extremely embarrassing, especially if you are among them who love to flaunt their sexy figures in skimpy bikinis. But how to treat this issue without making use of harmful commercial products. Here are some homemade bleaching creams for dark spots on bikini line to make your hyperpigmented bikini area considerably lighter over time.

There are many methods to hide that dark area and you can well get rid of those embarrassing bikini lines with some really effective and easy to use natural remedies.

Causes of dark bikini lines:


Women with overweight can experience chafing of the thighs that can result in dark genitals besides to bikini rashes. When they wear some clothing which does not divides both the thigh lines will damage the skin layer.

Polyester outfits:

Wearing clothing of polyester material is not good for health at all as this can easily create darkness around bikini line on repeated use.

Hair removal:

Shaving the bikini area regularly and using hair removal creams also causes the skin to darken easily. It is better to use home remedies for hair removal instead of cosmetic creams.


Home remedies bleaching cream for dark spots on bikini line:

Here are some of the homemade bleaching creams for dark spots on the bikini line.

 Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a popular natural skin lightener. When used on a regular basis, it can help skin become lighter and fade different skin spots. It can clear Skin Whitening Forever Review and even make the skin clear.

Olive oil:

Massage the dark spots on a bikini line with essential olive oil and leave it overnight.  This remedy not just helps in lightening the dark lines in the bikini but also reduces the wrinkles and softens the surface.

Lemon juice:

Squeeze out the juice of a fresh lemon onto a small cotton ball and apply to your dark bikini area. Wash off with water after few minutes and then apply coconut oil in a thin layer.

Tomato pulp:

Cut a tomato into two halves and take one-half for whitening the skin in your bikini area. Rub the pulp on the skin so that the juice goes inside it and washes away after 20 minutes.

Mint leaves:

Get some mint leaves and make a paste with it in a grinder by adding some water. Once it has become pulp add a spoon of honey and mix it well. Now apply it over the area where you have dark spots on the bikini line.

Raw milk:

Raw milk is another remedy that will help you get a lighter skin tone around your bikini lines. You need to take some raw milk in a container and dip a cotton cloth in it. Apply over the part where you have dark bikini line. This will not have any side effects.

These are some homemade bleaching cream for dark spots on the bikini line. This remedy will be useful for you to get rid of dark lines in the bikini area.


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