Before you hire a maid, you should get approval from a source company

When you expel your maid, you must make sure to get your security deposit. The safe working environment should be provided to the maid by the employer. If your maid goes missing then you can cancel the work permit and stop your payment. You should expel your maid immediately if she gets pregnant. The employers can visit our official website if they want to get the complete information about hiring an Indian maid in Singapore. You will require an approval from the source country before you hire a maid. The insurance and the immigration clearance will be included along with the work permit application. The maid agency will prepare your paperwork so that you can save a lot of your time and efforts.

hire an Indian maid

Determine the annual salary:

You can recruit the maids with the professional services offered at our agencies because our agency serves as a one-stop destination. The valuable services are offered by the maid agencies with the required information according to your criteria. The working experience of the maid is required in order to determine their annual salary. The passport copy of the entire family should be provided in order to hire an Indian maid. You should provide certain documents in order to get the work permit application of the maid. Your annual income tax will be assessed in case if you are working in abroad.

Identity cards of the family:

The assessment of the income tax will be done by the authority of the internal revenue. If you have not paid the income tax in the present year then you will not get the notice of assessment. There will be an authorized person in the ministry of manpower if you want to submit the proof of your income. The identity cards of the entire family should be provided at our company. If you are a local resident in Singapore then you should definitely provide certain documents. The maid agencies will help you to hire the well-trained maids according to your requirements. The trustworthy and experienced maids are included in the large database of our country.


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