Are You Aspiring To Become A Good Writer – A Novelist?

If you are one of the people who does something so a season and then forget all about it then please swipe out the writer or novelist part from your list. It is not a lie when people tell that you need to give your hundred percentage to gain good profits. If you can not give your hundred percentage, you should not be there anymore. But being a story writer or a novelist is more than giving your hundred percentage. It is about the commitment and passion. A story will take volumes about it’s author. Moreover, you can not take a break after becoming popular like in other jobs. Your stress level will become more when you are popular. If you are one of those carefree people then good you have landed at the perfect job. If you react negatively to stress and anxiety, you will have to find some other job.

Researchers have proved that if you are stressed, your level of creativity drastically decreases. Therefore you are ready for the craziness, here are list of thing you should know before you start writing.

How are you going to write your story or novel?

Yes it is important to think how you are going to write your story. If you are going to type it down and print it with an electronic device or you are going to write it down on a book and make it on your own handwriting. If you are going for the electronic method of typing it down in a computer or mobile phone, you should think of buying your own hp printer.


People would suggest you to buy a laser printer but the disadvantage of buying laser printers would be, the ink would not be clear after few days. Therefore, if you are going to be a nice person and save papers, you should try hp printer since the ink on paper is good and lasts longer.

Have an overview or outline

A good writer will know his story, he would think of twists and turns before he actually starts to pen it down. You need an overview of what are the character you are going to employ in your story or novel. You can add some extras when you are writing your story. But this method would make your stress levels lesser.

Don’t give anyone the draft

A good writer will not allow anyone to read his or her raw drafts unless the person is their editor. You can give them your first prints but not the rough draft. Moreover, if the person you are giving your draft is careless or ambitious, they might lose it or rake copies of it and sell it under their name or before your book release.


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